Look Fabolous - Always!

Do you want to party the star of the night? We cannot deny the fact that we want to look gorgeous and stunning. But that doesn't mean to have the very luxurious and expensive things.

Simplicity is beauty, is an adage I have learned from my parents that I will pass on to my kids.

From cosmetics, skin care to fashion and style I always search for the least expensive yet outstanding approach to a fabulous look with or without occasions.
First and foremost is to maintain a balance diet and regular exercise to keep you in shape all the time. To me, this is also the best way to save money from buying excessive clothes too. Thus, it is easy to grab wardrobes without fitting hassles. Having a maintained body, I no longer buy clothes too often. A healthy and sexy body itself is already dazzlingly beautiful.

I don't wear heavy makeups. I prefer a makeup without a makeup look. Means I wear makeups that is neutral to my shades. I am not choosey either drugstores or high-end on picking up my makeups. I am much concern of the ingredients that is not too harsh for my skin, like those listed here.

Same with my skin care. I would rather have organic products to pamper my skin. Because taking care of your skin is important. Skin that is too much exposed to harmful chemicals may cause you irritations. If skin is irritated you cannot wear clothes that is too sexy to show off. Chances are you always wear clothes that will cover your skin.

And another favorite beauty routine is taking care of my hair. Because a neat and glowing hair is my shinning armor. I always have it moisturize and properly trimmed. If your face needs a makeup on, thus your hair needs a hair settings too.

And to finally look fabulous is to wear a smile, chin up and show that you are proud of yourself. Simply be confident on what you are.